Reference enquiries can be made either through letter, facsimile, telephone or visit

New Books

New books are displayed for 2 weeks and open for reservations. New books may be borrowed after the display period of two weeks.


Books may be borrowed out within the specific period for different categories of users of the LIC. Books can only be renewed twice provided there are no reservations made by other users.

Returning Book Box

LIC has placed 2 units of returning book boxes at Block B and Block E respectively. Books will be collected every Wednesday and Friday at 11.00 am

Newspaper Cutting

LIC provides newspaper cuttings related to MPC, MITI and agencies. 

Online Databases

LIC provide access to 6 databases (The ASQ, HBR Online, IMD World Competitiveness Data, Economist Intelligence Unit – The Economist,  Lawnet and The Conference Board) which may be accessed from the LIC homepage. 

Audio-Visual Room

Audio-visual room is open during LIC opening hours. This room is fully equipped with AV apparatus such as TV, Karaoke set and CD-ROM for viewing purpose. All facilities are available strictly only to MPC's consultants.


Photocopy service are provided to all users. Charges for each copy RM0.20 cent.